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Paleo Burn – Fat Burning System Review

Paleo Diet – Explained:

Burning fat quickly and effectively is the main goal for dieters. The fat burning diet plan basis its premise on the paleo (caveman) diet, where nutritious foods are consumed, and all refined and processed foods are eliminated from the diet.

With Paleo Burn, dieters are going to follow the Paleo Diet, which focuses on consuming:

- Lean proteins (from poultry and beef).
- Eating fruits and vegetables.
- Including nuts and fish in the diet (for omega 3 acids), which help burn fat.

The diet eliminates highly processed foods, which can help eliminate hypertension due to the fact that high sodium content is eliminated. The diet can also help those with diabetes and other ailments, due to the fact that you are eating all natural foods, removing refined sugars, eliminating starches, and processed foods.

With the Primal Burn fat loss program, processed foods are eliminated completely. Not only are they higher in caloric content, higher saturated fats, they are also heavier and remain in the system longer, meaning it takes more work to burn those calories. With these foods sitting in your system, you are going to require more time to burn fat; you will naturally burn fat first, and see optimal results in a shorter period of time.

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Why It Works:

Primal fat burn works because the body is basically working to burn fat, as opposed to carbohydrates. By eliminating heavy carbohydrates from the diet, the body goes in to a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a “fat burning zone;” therefore, the body only has one source to burn (fat), opposed to two (fat and carbohydrates). In turn, quicker weight loss and fat burn occurs.



Why no refined sugar and processed food:

Eliminating both of these from your diet means you are going to have an all natural, nutritious diet. By only putting nutritious foods in the system, your body is going to function more like the machine it was meant to function as. Therefore, the body is naturally going to release toxins, will create a deficit in calories, and will work harder, even when you are not working. Removing these foods also eliminates many illnesses and diseases, meaning you are less likely to get diabetes, and can help reduce signs of hypertension and other ailments.

Why is it Different :

This is different than other programs because it does not promote any products or pills. You are only eating natural foods, and are consuming foods that the body was meant to consume. You do not have to buy magic diet pills, or drink magical detox products; it is all natural, nutritious, and is basically a guide to eating, the way our systems were designed to eat.

Why Athletes (and anyone) Can Do It:

Since this diet is a very high protein, lean fat, and low carbohydrate diet, it is similar to others. It differs in that you are only eating natural foods; you will get protein from protein sources (not protein powders). You will get fat from natural fats, and the lean meats you are eating. You will get energy sources from snacks like nuts. And, eliminating dairy, which the diet does, is something that helps reduce lactic acid levels, helping the body burn more, faster.

Paleo Burn Metabolic Switch:

With pale burn, you are going to notice your body will fatigue after a couple of weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that you are eliminating carbohydrate intake, meaning the body is not going to burn those sugars and calories any longer, but will have to make the switch and burn fat. Since you are not used to working in this manner, and the body does not know how to respond automatically, it will take some time to get your system ready for the process; but, once the fat burning switch is on, you are going to see the weight come off quickly, and your body is naturally going to have to burn fat for fuel, meaning you are naturally going to have lower body fat levels over a period of time.

Paleo Burn – The Good:

There are of course benefits to following the primal burn (paleo burn) program which include:

1. It is based on paleo, meaning it is a proven system, and one that is all natural, so you know your body will receive what it needs, and the essential nutrients that it requires.

2. It is extremely easy to follow, is written in laymen terms, and is fairly simple for anyone to get a hang of. The diet itself is simple, and the content is laid out to you in an easy to follow manner. So, regardless of your expertise in fitness and health, the resource is fairly simple to understand, and very easy for you to follow.

3. It is an extensive series, comes with graphics, and a number of books, all which are simple to follow, and give you concise information in a concrete manner.

4. If you suffer from hypertension or diabetes, the diet is one that can truly assist you. With lower sodium food choices, eliminating processed foods, and getting rid of the refined sugars, all of these things are obviously beneficial to individuals with either of these (and many other) health conditions.

It is easy to follow, primal burn uses simple methods to fat loss, and it is a proven way for you to see the weight loss you want to see, in less time.

Paleo Burn – The Bad:

A couple of issues are present with this series including:

1. The creator is not a health expert or fitness expert, but instead comes from a business background. This might turn away certain dieters, as he truly is not a professional, but is simply writing based on his experience and his personal success.

2. Content is sporadic and not in depth; so, it is out of order at times, and it is very general (which is part of the reason anyone can follow and understand it).

3. The concepts are there, and the premise is there, but there are certain flaws with this resource that you have to consider, if you are going to follow this primal burn for your weight loss, and are hoping to attain the best possible results as you are following the program.


If you are considering this source and the paleo diet, don’t let a couple of issues turn you away. It is a proven system, it is natural, it is healthy, and it is going to make your body work and burn fat, meaning you are bound to see results. Since your body has to make necessary changes for fuel and energy, it is naturally going to rely on burning more fat, in order to remain energized, and to keep you going on a day to day basis.

Paleo Burn is an excellent source to teach you the basics of primal fat burning, and turning on the metabolic switch in your system. It teaches you the basics of what to follow, and what to avoid, it teaches you which foods should and shouldn’t be consumed, and it gives you the basis for making the right lifestyle changes, to help lead a healthier, safer, and more well balanced lifestyle. If you are ready to get started with paleo, and see the primal burn fat loss, Paleo Burn can help.

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